#Feature New Booking Process


#Feature New Booking Process

This June we updated our Booking Process. The updated version will now make it easier for you to book multiple parcel collections in a single step. Booking refers to reserving a slot for your parcels for them to be received by one of our locations (pick up points) once it's delivered.

This process is required when you use PostCo to have something like mail or documents delivered or shop at online stores that are not one of our integrated partners and have them delivered to one of our locations.

Before this month, when you needed to book a parcel collection, you would have to make multiple single parcel collections for every parcel that you would have delivered to you.

Now we have a single screen where in you can indicate how many parcels you will have delivered.

One thing you must take note of is that 1 booking doesn't equal 1 Parcel Credit. If you are going to collect multiple parcels at our locations you must have the equal amount of parcel collection credits available for you to use.

You've just order 3 things from an online store and have decided to collect them at one of our locations. When you book a collection you must indicate that there will be 3 parcels, you must also have at least 3 parcel collection credits in your account.

That's why we highly recommend that you opt-in for our monthly unlimited plan. For only RM9.90 a month you can use PostCo as much as you want and collect as many parcels as you like.