The 3 types of delivery guys you meet in Malaysia


The 3 types of delivery guys you meet in Malaysia

Have you ever ordered something online and the process of actually receiving it is so frustrating that it takes away all the excitement you've built up the day it finally arrives?

We gave it some thought as to why these things happen, asked our friends and users, and we managed to narrow down the reasons into three types of postmen.

Now, we're not saying there aren't any good postmen/delivery guys out there. We know there are, and we acknowledge that it's sometimes the fault of the system that they work for. But for the sake of identifying some incidents that are so common, we've come up with this list! And we're pretty sure you've encountered them at least once!

  1. The Early Postman
  2. The Lazy Postman
  3. The Indecisive Postman

The Early Postman

Don’t let the title fool you – this guy isn’t exactly early, but he makes sure YOU are!
He will call you 15 minutes before he arrives and let you know he’s downstairs waiting at the building entrance. So, you ignore the fact that he is supposed to come right to your doorstep to deliver your item, and you go downstairs huffing and puffing, only to find…


Did I miss him? You think to yourself. But no, you call him to find out, and he insists that he is waiting downstairs, and asks you where you are. “I’m downstairs looking for you!” Then he goes, “Ok ok – I’m coming,” as if he was there all this time. After 3123123 minutes later, he pulls up in the pick-up area with his delivery van. No apologies, no nothing – just quietly hands you your package while you stand there fuming.

Honestly, we’re impressed – this guy may not be great at customer service, but he sure knows how to use his time! Make the customer wait for him instead – pandai.

The Lazy Postman

This type of postman is the most common, and the laziness they display can come in various forms.
One story that was told multiple times was about postmen who would not call, or ring your doorbell, but leave you one of those “we attempted to deliver your package” notes in your mailbox downstairs.

we're talking bout this guy

This is especially true for people living in apartment buildings. Really, dude? You came all this way just to leave me a note? Why bother?

Then there are those postmen who deliver a box weighing 20kg, but expect you to come all the way down and carry it up yourself. Aiyo…Come on lah bro!

The Indecisive Postman

This postman can’t make up his mind on the delivery time! He tells you he will come any time between 1 to 4 pm. So you spend the entire afternoon waiting for him to show up.

is he there yet?

And at the end of the day, he tells you that he will need to come the next day because he is stuck in Shah Alam.
As if you have nothing better to do than to wait for a postman all day.
Next day – same thing. Really, dude?

So theses are the three types of delivery men that make the experience of getting something delivered to you such a hassle! We hope you never get to meet or experience their service.

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